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Solution Provider Category: Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI ), Customer Information System ( CIS ), Customer Resource Management ( CRM ), Enterprise Resource Management ( ERP ), Meter Data Management ( MDM ), and Smart Meters

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Company Bio
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  • TMG Consulting     

    TMG Consulting is a solution agnostic firm that is long-recognized for identifying and implementing technologies to best deliver business goals through specialized practices, including:

    • TPAServices™: Proprietary advisory services to assist utilities in addressing challenges and avoid unseen and costly learning curves
    • CSDSupport™: Supplementing  internal resources during system implementations
    • RIMSolutions™: Research and innovation to uncover opportunities, risks and mitigation strategies

    It has positioned more than 250 utilities for ongoing, not just point-in-time success over the course of 250 projects since 1992.

    The strategic, ongoing evolution of the firm has earned TMG the esteemed position as utility consultancy of the future. With the expertise to discern important events from noise, define future timelines without going out too near or too far and an intimate knowledge of solutions and their providers, TMG has the culture and people to drive new revenue sources, improve customer satisfaction and improve operations over the long-term.

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