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Solution Provider Category: Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI ), Automated Dispatch, Customer Information System ( CIS ), Meter Data Management ( MDM ), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), Smart Meters, System Integration, and Workforce ManagementSolution Provider Tags: C2M, implementation, MDM, oracle, and Utilities

Company Bio
Company Bio
General Info
  • Triniti Consulting is a woman-owned consulting firm that provides business-driven technology solutions to address the needs and challenges of the modern, digital utility. Triniti is composed of thought-leaders who not only understand how the industry is developing today but where it is going in the future. This allows Triniti to guide utilities in the best solutions to meet the most complex business requirements of today, while building scalable and adaptable solutions for the future. Most recently , Triniti implemented the first Service Order Management (SOM) Implementation which not only helped their client gain savings through decreased maintenance costs and operational efficiencies, but also set them up to further benefit from Oracle roadmap alignment given that SOM implementations are closely aligned with Oracle C2M data mastering requirements and reference architecture. Triniti has extensive knowledge and experience in key industry processes supported by Oracle Utilities smart grid solutions, including but not limited to, C2M upgrades and conversions, streamlining meter-to-cash processes, promoting customer engagement initiatives, and advancing and optimizing distribution automation. In addition to full scale implementations, Triniti assists utilities with client side services including SWAT engagements and vendor oversight. Leveraging industry best practices, breadth of experience integrating with third party applications, and in-depth knowledge of the Oracle Utilities products, Triniti can help utilities of all sizes exceed short and long term strategic objectives. For more information, visit

  • Headquarter Locations: Atlanta, GA
    Utility Type Supported:
    • Regulated
    • Competitive Retailers
    • Federal and Public Utility District
    • IOU
    • Muni
    • Co-op
    Commodities Supported:
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Refuse
    Utility Size Supported:
    • 101k - 300k
    • 301k - 500k
    • 501k - 700k
    • 701k - 1mm
    • >1mm
    Delivery Model:
    • License-based
    • Hosted
    • SaaS
    • Cloud - Private
    • Cloud - Public