Diamond Concepts and Consulting

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Solution Provider Category: Customer Information System ( CIS )

Company Bio
Company Bio
General Info
  • Diamond Concepts and Consulting is a professional technology company with expertise in all aspects of systems development, including analysis, design, construction, testing, documentation and implementation. The Diamond Billing Engine is a proprietary product with core ability to perform rate calculations using provided rate tables while tapping into a legacy system using well-defined user exits. Currently, the Diamond Billing Engine is at the core of the product lineup, handling over 1,000,000 customers per month.

  • Utility Type Supported:
    • Federal and Public Utility District
    • Muni
    Commodities Supported:
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Refuse
    Utility Size Supported:
    • < 100k
    • 101k - 300k
    • 301k - 500k
    • 501k - 700k
    • 701k - 1mm
    • >1mm
    Delivery Model:
    • License-based
    • Hosted
    • Cloud - Private